NuGyp™ Process

Process Overview

The process exposes freshly calcined plaster to steam at pressures above atmospheric for specified times.

The equipment for the NuGyp LoCal Process is a pressure vessel into which a measured volume of freshly calcined plaster is fed. The chamber is sealed and live steam is injected. The time of exposure and the pressure used dictate the level of water reduction achieved.

At the end of the treatment time, the steam supply is closed, the pressure in the chamber is vented and the treated plaster discharged.

Treatment settings depend on the reduction of water demand required but steam pressures of 40 psig to 80 psig and treatment times from 30 seconds to 3 minutes are typical.

The first full scale NuGyp plant was installed at Panel Rey SA in Monterey, Mexico in November 2009 and has been in operation ever since. The NuGyp Corp is grateful to Panel Rey for their support and enthusiasm for the process.

This project "Estuco Ecologico" is part of Panel Rey's ongoing commitment to improving the environmental impact of the Monterrey plant for Climate Change and Global Warming.

We can now report the results of this fully operational process.
In summary, the NuGyp LoCal has:

It Works
  • Not resulted in any deterioration in the quality of the board product produced in the plant.
  • Run under automatic control in concert with normal mill control.
  • Full range of product types and thicknesses were manufactured without encountering any problems.
It Works
  • In practice, the water demand is reduced by up to 18%
  • Resulted in almost no change in board line operating conditions other than the water demand reduction described above.
It Works
  • Shown operating costs for the process are only a fraction of the cost saving achieved.
  • Had no negative impact on the downtime or availability of the mill or the board plant.
  • Stucco handling, storage and metering remain unchanged.