About Us

The NuGyp Corporation was established in September of 2008 with the support of Gypsum Technologies Inc.

NuGyp has invested significant resources into the Research & Development in order to globally commercialize this economical process of reducing the water demand of beta plasters.

A full patent application (US-2008-0148998-A1) was submitted in December 2007 with specific country applications progressing in 71 countries. See patent patent info for updates.


Bob Bruce:
President of Innogyps, a leading global gypsum consultancy (business development, new technology), PhD in sulphur chemistry, in the gypsum industry since 1975

Charlie Blow:
Director of CasoFour Limited and Consultant to the gypsum industry for six years (process technology, applications, R&D); degree in Chemical Engineering, in the gypsum industry since 1971.

Gary Murray:
President and CEO of Gypsum Technologies Inc. (Gyptech), a world leader in manufacturing equipment for gypsum wallboard.